40/100G Solutions MPO/MTP Patch Panel

Efficiently and Conveniently Integrate 10G, 40G, and 100G Equipment With MTP Breakout Patch Panel

Not all that long ago, Ethernet networks that supported 10G speeds were considered amazingly fast, and now 40G is the norm in most data center. As 40G Ethernet becomes a standard in data centers, the challenge of connecting 40G equipment with existing 10G equipment moves front and center. Adding further complexity, it’s clear that organizations […]

Multimode Fiber Cables

FAQs About OM5 Fiber Optic Cable

Data centers everywhere are moving quickly to manage ever-increasing bandwidth demands. And the emergence of cloud computing has acted as catalyst for driving even faster adopting of new network technology and higher bandwidth. Speeds as high as 40G and 100G Ethernet have already become mainstream in data centers, and the industry is working collaboratively on […]

Cable Management

Practical Application of Fiber Enclosure

As part of overall cable-management system, fiber enclosure is used in a wide range of interconnect facility applications, from data centers to building backbone, horizontal, and entrance facilities to provide high density and safe cabling environment. Generally, there are two types of fiber enclosure often deployed in data centers: rack mount and wall mount fiber […]

High-Density MPO/MTP Cabling

Saving Data Center Space to the Extreme With MPO Cable Assemblies

As data center gradually migrates to higher speed 40G and 100G networks, more and more devices will be crowded in. Space becomes the first factor that IT managers should take into consideration. To solve this issue, FS.COM has released a series of MPO cable assemblies, including HD TAB MPO fiber patch cable, MPO harness cable, […]