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Is Velcro Cable Tie More Suitable for Cable Management?

Cable management is one of the most practical things you could do for your cable-crowded network applications. Not only are exposed and loose cables distracting, unsightly, and disorganized, they are also a hazard to your equipment and safety. There are may ways to manage fiber optic cables to keep them from posing these issues, but a few methods can be notably more effective, such as cable tie. Cable tie, or zip tie is a simple design tool used to hold fiber optic cable or copper cable quickly, without slipping. Cable ties are available in a variety of sizes and materials for use on different projects with different needs. Today, we’re going to specifically introduce Velcro cable tie.

Existing Problems With Standard Nylon Cable Tie

Standard Nylon cable ties are the stock items with most telephone company and cable contractors, since their low cost and easy installation. They can be cinched snugly to cable bundles without damaging the cables, however, some installer may use a tool to increase leverage and in this way, squeeze the cable bundles so tightly that the insulation turns white or is cut by the sharp edge of the cable tie. This improper installation will lead to unpredictable operation of the local area network. Besides, some zip ties shrink when cooled or heated, thereby exerting more pressure on the fiber if already over tightened. The following image shows bundles with standard Nylon cable tie.

bundles with Nylon cable ties

Velcro Cable Tie Is more Suitable for Cable Management

To solve the existing problems with standard Nylon cable tie, an alternative worth exploring is the use of Velcro cable tie as shown below. It is more flexible and provides a sufficient amount of give in restraint, so that if someone does need to access the bundled cables, they can easily do so. The pliable nature of Velcro cable tie also translates into a harmless form of fastening. You won’t see the impact found with tightly fastened plastic or wire cable ties. Besides these features obtained by Velcro cable tie, there are more specific advantages of it.

differnet color-coded Velcro cable tie

  • Reusability: Generally, Velcro cable tie is more expensive than zip ties, but its reusability feature makes it more valuable. If you want to add one more cable to the bundles with Velcro cable tie, it couldn’t be easier, just take off the Velcro, add the cable, reinstall the Velcro. Nylon Zip tie, one the other hand, can be used only once. If you want to add more cable to the bundle with Nylon zip tie, you will have two options 1) add the cable outside the existing tie wraps with new tie wrap, or 2) cut the existing tie wraps, add the cable and install all new tie wraps. It is clearly that Option 1 will look terrible, especially if it happens more than once, although Option 2 is fine, but it requires you to have extra tie wrap and clean up your mess of “cut” tie wraps that you moved.
  • No Extra Cost: Nylon zip tie must be cut off and discarded if you want change your cabling configuration, however, Velcro cable ties usually come in a roll or in pre-determined length, and they can be opened quickly, and installation, removal and adjustment require no scissors or a cable tie removal tool to cut them off. This could save extra cost and prevent the cable being accidentally damage by the sharp tools.
  • No Worry About Losing Grip: Velcro is very powerful as an adhesive, because although it can be torn apart by pulling from on end to the other, it is difficult to pull apart when the surface area is spread out across the entire strip, or when the force is moving parallel to the surface. This is because when the strip is torn from one end, the surface area is relatively low.

Velcro cable tie is a must have cable management too for computer at home or at office. It delivers reliability by protecting against over-tensioning of high-performance fiber and copper cables. Moreover, as it will not crush the cables and causes damage, Velcro cable tie is very useful for computer and other data-cables. With such impressive features, there is no doubt that Velcro cable tie have gained much popularity in cable management.

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  1. Is it safe to use Velcro cable ties for LSZH sheathed fiber optic cables? PE sheathed cables can resist more abrasion from the cable ties, but PVC and LSZH sheaths are more vulnerable to abrasions.

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